Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer

Mel joined Simpson, Thomas & Associates to be able to apply his skills and experience as a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver exclusively on behalf of injured individuals. His choice to do so is inspired by his personal experiences and values.

ICBC Personal Injury Claims

Successful representation of ICBC personal injury claims can be achieved through out of court settlement or a trial. Mel appreciates a trial can be a difficult process for clients to go through and will work hard to obtain a fair out of court settlement. He has achieved numerous settlements of ICBC personal injury claims, including those that are straight forward involving a phone call and those that are complicated, involving a mediator and a room full of lawyers. However, sometimes an out of court settlement is not possible in which case he has the experience and skill to successfully take your claim to trial. Since making the decision to practice as a personal injury lawyer, his work includes a trial in which his client was involved in multiple, minor damage rear-end accidents resulting in soft tissue and psychological injury. Frequently no damages are paid by ICBC for accidents involving minimal damage on the basis of there being too minor an impact with too little damage, resulting in individuals walking away without any compensation. A judgment was made after a 2 week trial for approximately $200,000. Although no two ICBC personal injury claims are the same and the result of a case will depend upon the particulars of each unique case, Mel looks forward to working on behalf of and representing injured individuals and helping them achieve a just result.

Professional Experience

Mel was born and raised in East Vancouver with blue collar values and work ethic. He has had loved ones close to him affected by disability. His personal experiences and values allow him to appreciate and take to heart the difficult circumstances injured individuals find themselves in. He prides himself on empowering his clients by helping them understand the legal process and their claims and giving them confidence that their interests are being well looked after while they focus on recovery. Having worked with leading insurance defence law firms in the past, including having been counsel in the defence of multi-million dollar claims, Mel has obtained unique expertise and insight into the operation of insurance companies and how best to advance ICBC personal injury claims through settlement and trial. Mel has had a wide variety of cases including soft tissue injury, fractures, TMJ injury, vestibular injury, neurological injury including the spinal cord and brain, and psychiatric injury including depression, PTSD and anxiety.


Mel obtained a B.A. from Simon Fraser University in 1997 and his law degree from U.B.C. in 2001. Since being called to the bar in 2002 he has practiced in the area of personal injury/motor vehicle accident claims.


Mel resides in Vancouver with his wife Shashe along with their daughter and son. He enjoys spending his spare time with his family, passionately following the various local sports teams and playing the occasional sport as time permits.  Mel also speaks Hindi.