Low Velocity Impacts

ICBC & Low Velocity Impacts (LVIs)

ICBC often refuses to negotiate with people who are injured in minor accidents. This is the “no crash no cash” policy. Internally, ICBC calls these accidents Low Velocity Impacts (LVIs). If the vehicle damage in your accident is modest (less than $1000 to $2000 in repairs), it may be classified as LVI. In that case ICBC may refuse to offer any amount for settlement, or they will offer a nominal amount.

Low Velocity Impacts & Injury

However, there is no principle of law which says that because damage to the vehicle is slight or non-detectable that there is no injury. If you are injured, and your doctor agrees that your injuries are due to the motor vehicle accident, a court will generally award compensation. In some cases, courts have made significant awards despite modest or non-existent vehicle damage.

It is important to identify evidence to support your claim:

  • How was your body positioned at the time of impact? Was your head turned?
  • Did any part of your body strike the inside of your vehicle?
  • Did you anticipate the impact or was it a surprise?
  • Did airbags deploy? Did your seatbelt lock?
  • Was your vehicle moved? If so, how far?
  • Was your body braced at the time of impact, e.g. foot against the brake or hands on the steering wheel?
  • Were there other people who were injured in the same accident?
  • Has your doctor suggested that the accident activated a latent medical condition?