ICBC Benefits

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you generally have two claims:

  1. a tort claim against whoever caused the accident; and
  2. a no-fault benefit claim against ICBC (also referred to as a Part 7 benefit claim).

These are two separate legal claims, however, in most cases you are dealing with ICBC for both claims, which makes it hard to tell who owes you for what. However, the most important distinction is that you almost never receive any money from ICBC on your tort claim until it is resolved, whereas no-fault benefits are generally paid as you incur the expenses. Therefore your no-fault benefit claim is helpful to cover accident-related expenses until your tort claim is ready to settle.

There are four categories of no-fault benefits:

  1. Medical/Rehabilitation Benefits
  2. Wage Loss/Disability Benefits
  3. Housekeeping Benefits
  4. Death Benefits