• Supported OrganizationsSupporting organizations that aid in the recovery of the injured victims of motor vehicle accidents is one of our key initiatives. These connections are imperative for those severely injured....Learn More
  • Previous EventsOur experienced legal team attends many events. In giving back to the community, we also educate ourselves as to the immediate and ongoing needs of those severely injured and the accessibility of these services in our communities. ...Learn More
  • Upcoming EventsJoin the Simpson Thomas & Associates Community Outreach Team! We give back to the community by attending many fundraising events around the lower mainland. These events help cultivate a healthy society. ...Learn More
  • In the NewsUnfortunate tragedies happen around the globe. Our staff at Simpson Thomas & Associates take initiative to raise money when and where it is needed. Part of this initiative is using our web presence to help the cause. ...Learn More

Simpson, Thomas & Associates is dedicated to supporting and building a healthy community.  Sponsoring foundations, associations and charities that provide services and resources to people in need is an important part of cultivating a healthy society.  The connections made through our involvement with these organizations help us to guide our severely injured clients towards the great community resources that are available and necessary for recovery.