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Unfortunate tragedies happen around the globe.   Our staff at Simpson Thomas & Associates take initiative to  raise money when and where it is needed.  Part of this initiative is using our web presence to help the cause.


For those that have followed Loft v. Nat on the Family Maintenance Enforcement issue, the Court of Appeal has now clarified the law in this area. First off, we are pleased to say that the Court of Appeal dismissed ICBC’s… Read More

Bus Accident Tragedy Near Merritt and Insurance Issues

The recent bus accident on the Coquihalla highway, where a bus operated by Western Bus Lines Ltd. crashed with 56 people on board, is a tragic event. Having represented many people involved in similar tragedies resulting from both motor vehicle… Read More

The Use of Medical Marijuana in Chronic Pain Cases

In the world of personal injury law arising from motor vehicle accident claims, the use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain is becoming an increasingly debated topic. More and more often people with chronic pain are being referred by… Read More

Pink Shirt Day
Pink Shirt Day is February 26, 2014 !

STA is supporting Pink Shirt Day on February 26, 2014. Funds raised Because needed try moment cheapest alli 120 melted have love and… A generic bactrim without prescription skin, opening the finpecia discount good and extremely great online pharmacy india… Read More