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As our client, you will be expertly guided through the ICBC claims process. To further ease the process, Simpson Thomas & Associates takes care of the litigation concerns and expenses until your claim is finalized.

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We can quickly schedule an interview for you with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. To further assist you, we provide our services in a wide variety of languages.

ICBC is not always on your side

If you are dealing directly with ICBC, you may feel that they do not have your best interests at heart. In that case, you will want to work with a personal injury lawyer that specializes in motor vehicle accidents who can obtain a fair settlement.

At Simpson Thomas & Associates, we are on your side.

Looking after your best interests

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident at no fault of your own, you need reliable legal counsel who can advise you on the law, and do their best to ensure that the negligent parties are held accountable.

At Simpson Thomas & Associates, we ensure your best interests are looked after.

Start with an experienced legal team

We can advise you on issues such as your lost income, medical costs, and the replacement and repair costs to your vehicle. We help with all the details of advancing your claim and help you to gather evidence, collect details of your accident, and determine how the motor vehicle accident has impacted your life.

Assistance with wage loss, medical expenses and access to benefits

Our experienced legal team will advise you on issues relating to your medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost income as a result of your accident. We will help you quantify those amounts, obtain reimbursement for wage loss and rehabilitation expenses, and apply for the benefits you are entitled to from the insurance companies.

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Do you know the first thing you need to do if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident? Click on the Roadmap to an ICBC Claim and quickly learn the steps involved right from the accident through to settlement.  For more detailed information please visit our section on ICBC CLAIMS.

We recognize that finding the right lawyer can be challenging. This is why we have provided you with information about the process and your ICBC claim under the ICBC CLAIMS section before you make your decision.  There you will discover key information on what you must do to protect yourself if you, or a family member, have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and have an ICBC claim.

In the YOUR TEAM, ACHIEVEMENTS and COMMUNITY OUTREACH sections you will meet our experienced lawyers; read about their legal training, achievements and backgrounds as well as their personal involvement and commitment to our community.

Practice Dedicated to Helping the injured Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents

As our practice is restricted to ICBC claims, we have a team of personal injury lawyers who have the legal expertise and years of experience to help you obtain the best possible award for damages.  Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience. At Simpson Thomas, we handle every case with compassion, and we provide the support you need to get through the litigation process.

Over the years, we have proven our ability to obtain favorable insurance settlements, arbitration awards, and trial verdicts for the injured victims of motor vehicle accidents.

Remember: no recovery, no fee.

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