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Help, I have been in a car accident! What do I need to do?

Being in a car accident is stressful and shocking.  Your main concern after an accident is the health and safety of yourself and any passengers in your car.  That being said, it is important that you take steps to obtain… Read More

Simpson Thomas Wins Substantial Victory On Costs For Plaintiffs

For those who have followed Loft v. Nat, we are very pleased to advise that we were ultimately successful in our fight to have costs awarded to the plaintiff. Following a second hearing in the Court of Appeal, the appellate… Read More


For those that have followed Loft v. Nat on the Family Maintenance Enforcement issue, the Court of Appeal has now clarified the law in this area. First off, we are pleased to say that the Court of Appeal dismissed ICBC’s… Read More

What constitutes a psychiatric injury?

In the case of Saadati v. Moorehead, Simpson Thomas & Associates was successful in having an award of $100,000 for a non-defined psychiatric injury. That award was appealed by the insurer.  The appeal was just recently heard in the BC… Read More

ICBC Woes: What Happens if You Are Working At The Immediate Time Of The Accident?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffer a personal injury, you naturally have the right to sue the other party and claim compensation, which is most likely paid by ICBC.  You are also entitled to insurance benefits… Read More

In Trust Claims: Recent BC Court Ruling

The task of caring for a loved one who is injured in a motor vehicle accident can be a very difficult job and deserves recognition and compensation.  In a recent decision of the of the BC Supreme Court, the court… Read More