Major Loss Cases

For over 40 years Simpson Thomas & Associates (formerly Simpson & Company), has exclusively represented the injured victims of motor vehicle accidents. Many of these people suffered from catastrophic injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, quadriplegia, paraplegia, or the tragic death of a family member.

We have successfully resolved over 1,000 major loss cases, recovering an estimated $500 million dollars for victims of motor vehicle accidents, and millions more in structured settlements.  However, financial compensation is just part of the story.

While working with medical experts to ensure you are receiving the best care and rehabilitation, your legal team at Simpson Thomas & Associates also works to maximize your claim for damages against ICBC.  Our legal team has extensive experience in handling ICBC cases where a major loss or catastrophic life altering injury has occurred.

Mr. Simpson has travelled to other parts of the world including India, Korea, and numerous states in the US to ensure that our clients receive the best possible rehabilitation and treatment.

At Simpson Thomas & Associates, we work closely with the injured victims and their families, to ensure a complete understanding of the unique circumstances of each case.

“The efforts of your highly competent legal team resulted in my seriously injured brain damaged son being looked after and financially secured for the rest of his life.  We are most grateful.  I particularly appreciate Mr. Simpson coming to Korea to help setup the care for my son.  I highly recommend the law firm of Simpson Thomas & Associates to the community”.

 –         Jang Hwa Kim

At Simpson, Thomas & Associates we are sensitive to the emotional issues that surround serious personal injury cases.  Our clients have expressed their deep appreciation for the compassion and understanding that is shown to them and their families under the most difficult circumstances.

“My severely brain injured daughter received close to 4 million dollars as a result of the efforts of Simpson Thomas.  Their highly professional team put my daughter as a priority.  They handled all of our problems with the upmost efficiency and compassion.  Our decision of choosing Simpson Thomas was definitely a wise decision.  We appreciate Simpson Thomas from our hearts.”

 –        E. Eg & G. Cheng

“Many thanks to you and your staff from the beginning to the end of this long case, because of your assistance we felt less stress and were able to focus on my father while you took care of the rest.  Each time you attended our residence you left us feeling relieved.”

–        B. Sekhon, daughter of father who was a quadriplegic.

Thank you to the entire team for all the hard work for our case.  Your guidance, knowledge, and support has been greatly appreciated.  Without your help we would have been going through an extremely tough time.  We appreciate all the weekend meetings and the fact that you were open to driving to our home (Abbotsford) to meet with us.

During every meeting the detailed explanations that you provided for all steps was very useful and helped alleviate our stress about the future.

We felt as if we were treated like family and you truly provided us with the support we needed through the stressful time in our lives.

Because of your help my brother is financially secure for the future.  We appreciate all of the support during this difficult time in our lives and the love and care you provided to our family.  You made us feel welcomed and supported.  We are happy to have met your team and would highly recommend the Simpson Thomas & Associates firm to anyone in need.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

–     J.S.

“I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me and my family over the past three and a half years.  The fact that all the legal/ICBC stuff is over, it’s still settling in.

I want to thank you so much for what you did for my case legally.  Having a positive outcome to this serious accident has given me the confidence to talk to high school and elementary students about my accident and the need to wear a helmet.”

 –    J.B.

The Simpson Thomas Team

Our experienced legal team, headed by senior partner Anthony Thomas, has considerable experience in handling cases where a catastrophic injury has occurred. A team approach is used extensively at Simpson Thomas.  It is also important to have the resources to obtain the evidence necessary to develop and prove the claim for damages.    The average case where a major loss or catastrophic injury has occurred can cost approximately $70,000 before settlement or trial.  In some cases, costs can be over $100,000.  These are expenses that Simpson, Thomas & Associates will handle until the claim is finalized and the expenses reimbursed by ICBC.   For this reason, it is important that a law firm handling claims where a major loss or catastrophic injury has occurred have the resources to finance such claims.

The “Abbotsford Wedding Case”

One example of the importance of having the financial resources and extensive expertise was the “Abbotsford Wedding Case”, one of the largest motor vehicle cases in Canadian history. Simpson Thomas represented 21 people who were seriously injured and the families of 6 more who tragically died when a motorist struck a group of people celebrating a wedding in August of 2007. The police concluded that the victims were entirely at fault for this tragic car accident.  Our firm retained investigators and engineering experts to develop evidence which showed the driver was negligent.  Simpson Thomas successfully mediated the case before the late Chief Justice Brenner.

Our expertise and passion for justice resulted in a very successful conclusion to a case which at first had little hope of being resolved successfully.

Over $500,000 was spent by Simpson Thomas on this case alone!

This case demonstrates the importance of having the resources to thoroughly investigate a case.  Our experienced legal team arranged MRIs for those victims who exhibited symptoms of head injury, which revealed three previously undiagnosed brain injuries.

Simpson Thomas frequently consults top experts in all areas including neurology, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, psychiatry, occupational therapy and vocational assessment.

Proper resources, compassion, experience, and total determination are the foundational philosophies of Simpson Thomas & Associates, which has ensured success in serving the victims of motor vehicle accidents for over 40 years.

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