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Is it Illegal to Drive Under the Influence of Marijuana?

As the government begins the process of legalizing marijuana and the use of the drug becomes more common amongst people in British Columbia, the question arises as to what exactly the law is around driving while high. Driving While High… Read More

How Do ICBC Claims Work for Injured Children?

In British Columbia, when an adult is injured in a car accident and seeks to claim compensation for sustained injuries from ICBC, they must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of the accident. If they fail to… Read More

In the news – Burnaby NOW features Silvana Lovera Herra

Our very own personal injury lawyer Silvana Lovera Herra, was featured in Burnaby NOW’s August 2016 issue. In the Q&A section, Silvana answers some questions on her journey into personal injury law and what an average ‘day in the life’ at Simpson… Read More

How does insurance coverage work with Car-Shares in BC?

In the modern era of bike lanes, expensive parking, and increasingly accessible public transit, fewer and fewer people own their own cars.  Vancouverites are now often opting for alternative arrangements to car ownership such as EVO, Car2Go, and Modo.  Before… Read More